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January 2020 Electron Transfer Mechanisms Underpinning Core/Shell Photoanode Performance Depend on Trap State Availability
November 2019 The Trans Effect in CO2 Electroreduction
September 2019 Reorganization Energy for Interfacial PCET
March 2019 SnO2 ALD to Unlock the Secrets of Core/Shell Performance
January 2019 Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Molecular Photoelectrodes on Conductive Oxides
November 2018 Alliance for Molecular PhotoElectrode Design for Solar Fuels
November 2018 Unexpected Dynamics at a Photoelectrode Interface
May 2018 Passivation of Trap States in NiO
March 2018 Mechanism of CO2 Reduction by Ruthenium Electrocatalysts
February 2018 Injected Electrons Populate an Electronic State at the Interface of the SnO2 Core and TiO2 Shell
December 2017 Dye Electronic Structure Influences Photocathode Performance
November 2017 Surface Grafting of Ru(II) Diazonium-Based Sensitizers on Metal Oxides Enhances Alkaline Stability for Solar Energy Conversion
October 2017 Development of Dual-Function Light Harvesting Chromophores for DSPEC Applications
September 2017 New DSPEC Photoanode Designs
July 2017 UNC EFRC: Center for Solar Fuels
May 2017 Rapid Recombination in Dye-Sensitized Core/Shell Films
April 2017 Polymer Chromophore-Catalyst Assembly for Solar Fuel Generation
March 2017 All-in-one Tandem Dye-sensitized Water Splitting Cell
December 2016 Optimization of Materials and Catalysis for Solar Fuel Production
October 2016 Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-Layer Chromophore-Catalyst Assemblies for Light-Driven Water Splitting
September 2016 Photo-Acidic and -Basic Transition Metal Compounds
May 2016 Targeted Atomic Deposition for Defect Passivation
April 2016 Efficient Light-Driven Oxidation of Alcohols using an Organic Chromophore-Catalyst Assembly Anchored to TiO2
March 2016 A Photo-Induced 1e, 2H+ Transfer Reaction
December 2015 Modeling Excited Electron Dynamics at Semiconductor-Molecule Interfaces
September 2015 Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly of Polychromophore and Molecular Water Oxidation Catalyst for Solar Fuel Conversion
August 2015 Charge Recombination in Core/Shell Photoanodes
June 2015 Rapid and pH Sensitive Water Oxidation Catalysis
May 2015 The Dye Sensitized Photoelectrosynthesis Cell (DSPEC)
April 2015 Building and Stabilizing Assemblies on Oxide Surfaces
April 2015 Efficient Hole Injection & Transport in p-Type Oxide
April 2015 Disentangling the Injection Kinectics of Ru(II)-Polypyridyl Dyes on TiO2
December 2014 Light-Harvesting and Charge Separation in a π-Conjugated Antenna Polymer Bound to TiO2
October 2014 Making Oxygen from Sunlight and Water
September 2014 UNC Energy Frontier Research Center: Center for Solar Fuels
May 2014 Hierarchically-Structured NiO Photocathodes
March 2014 A Tipping Point for Solar Fuels?
February 2014 Produce Formate from CO2 Using Gas Diffusion Electrodes
October 2013 Details of Oxide Structures Revealed by Studies of Sensitized Films
September 2013 Light Harvesting Polymers for Energy Conversion and Solar Fuels
June 2013 Long-lived Charge Separation Using a Light-harvesting Polymer
May 2013 Electron injection into localized TiO2 acceptor states
March 2013 Stabilization of Chromophores on TiO2 by ALD
February 2013 Understanding the Curious Fluorine Impact in Polymer Solar Cells
January 2013 Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Phosphonate-Derivatized Ruthenium Complexes on TiO2
October 2012 Novel Light Harvesting Polymer Sensitizers in Solar Cells
September 2012 Energy and Electron Transfer in Ru(II) Polyfluorene Polymers
July 2012 Pt Nanoparticles@Photoactive MOFs: Efficient Hydrogen Evolution via Synergistic Photo-excitation and Electron Injection
June 2012 Copper(II) Catalysis of Water Oxidation
May 2012 Redefining Benchmarks for the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Formate
November 2011 Optimizing Exciting Energy Flow in Metal-Organic Framework Materials
October 2011 Catalytic water oxidation on derivatized nanoITO
September 2011 Splitting CO2 into CO and O2 Electrochemically One Catalyst is Enough
August 2011 Nanoforest Photoanodes for Photoelectrochemical Cells by Pulsed Laser Deposition
July 2011 Peptide Scaffolds for Component Arrangement
June 2011 Catalytic Mechanism for Single-Site Water Oxidation Process: A Theoretical Study
May 2011 Nanoscale Transport in Ionic Transition Metal Complex Functional Polymers
April 2011 Light-Harvesting in Microscale Metal-Organic Frameworks
March 2011 Towards the Nature of Electronic States at Molecule-TiO2 Interfaces
February 2011 Solar Fuels: Catalysis & Photoconversion
November 2010 Dye Sensitized Photoelectrosynthesis Cells for Solar Fuels
February 2010 UNC EFRC: Solar Fuels & Next Generation Photovoltaics